Owner and operator of

ex Southern Railway Merchant Navy No.35006 Peninsular & Oriental S. N. Co.


35006 Locomotive Company Ltd.




The loco completed its rostered 19 days in use on the 20th June; the longest continuous period in service it has performed yet. During this time, there has only been minor maintenance required, a few things needed tightening or minor leaks attended to. This is a great testament to the work that has been done over the past 12 months by our volunteer team. They can be justly proud of themselves. The coupling rod bearing that was attended to recently has largely been forgotten about as it has given no trouble at all.


The loco is now out of use for two weeks which will give us a chance to inspect a few of things that were worked on over the winter to see how they are performing. The brake ejector and the drain cock actuating valve are at the top of the list.

The loco is next in service from 6th to the 17th July. For any last minute changes, please keep an eye on the GWR loco roster here:



If you look at the time table, the first listed loco is on TRAIN 1, the second listed is on TRAIN 2.


Here is a photo by Chris Ardy of the loco passing Hailes Abbey Halt on the first day of its last period in service on the 29th May




























Kevin Parrish, a member of the Guild of Railway Artists, has painted this excellent study of 35006 at Broadway. He has prints for sale on his website: http://www.kevinparrish.co.uk/peninsula-and-oriental/ and has kindly offered to donate 10% of any sales to both ourselves and the GWSR.




















There have been some changes in the Loco Rosters at the GWSR and 35006 is now rostered every day (except Mondays & Fridays) between Saturday 29th May and Sunday 20th June.

However this is subject to change so please consult the GWSR website before traveling.

Here is a photo by Chris Ardy of the loco in the coaling/disposal bay at Toddington during the Steam Gala on the 29th May 2016. Lets hope the weather is as good for its next turns.



























The Loco finished its rostered turns in May last week. It is rostered next month for 12 days starting on Saturday 5th June.

Please check the GWSR website before travelling.

Here is a photo of the loco in service last week by Ian Crowder.
























The loco had a successful test run to Broadway and back today and is now ready for service from Saturday May 1st. This photo of the loco at Toddington for the test run was taken by Maurice Hastie.


The loco will be in service for seven days, but note that these are the ONLY days the loco is rostered to run in May.

If you want to see the loco in action, first check the loco roster:



then you're advised to book your tickets in advance at:























The GWSR is planning to resume services from Tuesday 13th April, if all goes

well re Covid.

35006 is currently rostered from Saturday 1st May to Thursday 6th May.

Please check with the GWSR website before traveling as it could be changed.




Whilst the GWSR is still closed due to Covid, ‘essential’ maintenance must continue. We are pleased to say the loco successfully passed its annual steam test on Friday 5th February. It will now be winterised and will then be ready for service later in the year when, hopefully, services resume on the GWSR.

This photo was taken by Kevin Jarvis and shows the safety valves lifting.




















The GWSR have just announced that the post Christmas trains have been cancelled because of the extension of Covid restrictions.

The earliest now that 35006 will be in action is in March if the Cheltenham Races are able to go ahead.

Below is a photo of the loco on the Return to Broadway volunteers train to remind us what we will be missing.



















The Springs which were purchased following the latest Society fundraising drive have now been fitted.

We are very grateful to the small and dedicated team who have completed this task.

Once our work was complete we invited the railways 'Mechanical Responsible Person’ to examine the loco. We are pleased that the inspector found everything in good order and we’re now ready to operate our trains over the festive season.


Below is a photo of the springs after they were delivered to Toddington.

















The GWSR has just reviewed its schedule for the end of December and the beginning of January. As a result 35006 is not now scheduled to be operating before Christmas.

We are now scheduled for 8 days from the 27th December until 3rd January including New Years Eve and New Years Day. It is planned that we will do 2 trips everyday.


As usual please check with the GWSR website before travelling.





The loco completed its last turns just before the latest lockdown on the 1st November.

As long as the lockdown is over by then, it is next scheduled to work from the 19th December, on the Santa Experiences, until the 24th December and then after Christmas from the 27th December until the 3rd January.

As usual please check on the GWSR website before visiting.


Below is a photo of the loco on the 1st November taken by Kieran Hardy



























The loco completed its rostered turns to the end of September without any problems. It is next rostered from 24th October until the 1st November on 6 turns, as usual please check on the GWSR website before visiting.




The repair was completed and the loco was back in service today and running well.




The loco hasn't been on the rostered services in the past few days. On Tuesday (15th) afternoon the driver found that he couldn't shut the drain cock valves. Fortunately the loco was still able to haul the train back to Toddington, but in something of a cloud of steam.


The drain cocks on the loco are steam operated, with the control valve being on the running plate near the cab. Some work was done on this valve in August to cure a leak. A quick look when the loco came back on shed was not enough to solve the problem and the valve needed to be taken off the loco. Due to Covid restrictions we were unable to have anyone on site again until Friday, which meant that the loco missed her rostered turn on Wednesday.


Once the valve was taken down, several of the internal parts were found to be damaged, replacement parts are being machined off site. In anticipation of having the valve back together and on the loco, a fire will be lit on Monday in the hope that the loco can be available for the next rostered turn on Tuesday.

If everything goes right, the loco will be in use. Our apologies to anyone who travelled to Toddington especially to see the loco in action; this is only the second time that it has been unavailable to haul a scheduled train since restoration. The damage is not thought to be associated with the work carried out in August.


To see if the loco is in use, please check the GWR website:






The Loco was back in service on the 5th September

and has since completed 2 more days

and is running again today.

It is due to be in service until 26th September.

Please see the GWSR website for details.

Here is a photo of it leaving Winchcombe

on the 5th September, taken by Andrew Marshall.
















The loco had a successful test run yesterday

to Broadway and back to Toddington.

Photo of it leaving Toddington by Ian Crowder.




















We have now repaired the damaged ashpan and will shortly test the loco to ensure everything is ok.

We are rostered to work a number of days in September starting on the Saturday 5th on Train 1 departing Toddington at 10.00.




The GWSR has announced that it will resume some services from the 15th August. Details can be found on their website https://www.gwsr.com/.

Initially the locos being used are Dinmore Manor and Foremarke Hall. We will let you know when P&O will be operating.





The supplier of our branded clothing,

Universal Uniforms, has changed to a new website

which is much quicker than their old one.

The new link to them can be found on our Branded Clothing page.





We have now decided to have a Facebook page and group. The group can be found by clicking on the Facebook logo on each page of our website as above.


The page is under 35006 Locomotive Company Ltd.





The Loco completed its turns on the Race Trains without incident and running really well, unfortunately, because of the Covid 19 restrictions the GWSR is now closed for the time being and its next turns are cancelled.





Winter maintenance has now been completed. It included a hydraulic test of the boiler, renewal of part of the grate, overhaul of the vacuum brake system and a new steam chest drain valve for the right hand cylinder amongst other things.

The loco will be working the Race Trains today, tomorrow and Friday.

Its next rostered turns are scheduled to begin on the 25 April for the 40's weekend, please check the GWSR website to confirm before travelling.





The Loco finished its latest rostered turns in Mid July and following some maintenance on its brake gear it is scheduled to be in use again from 03 to 15 August. Please check on the GWSR website before travelling. A link to the roster page is on the Links page.





The Loco recently starred at the GWSR steam Gala and it is shown waiting to leave Toddington on the last day. The sales stand was also at the Gala and Neil & Terry are shown minding it.